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About NY Ski Magazine

As you may have noticed, we launched NY Ski Magazine this morning. We're pretty excited about it.

Comments on the destinations and articles are welcome underneath each piece.  

You can subscribe to NY Ski Magazine, whether you are registered or not.

At The Magazine's homepage look under the options menu:

Subscribe to NY Ski Magazine

Enter your email address and you'll be notified of new articles:

Then you'll get an email when new features are posted.

If you do register, there are options to further customize your subscription.

If you have questions about the magazine, contact:

James at jamesdeluxe@nyskiblog.com

or Harvey at harvey44@nyskiblog.com.
"If it's my mountain, I'm installing a fixed grip and telling the lifties to stuff the beginners into chairs as aggressively as they have to to keep it going full speed." —Brownski