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Harvey Harvey
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Forum Guide: Links and spam

Over the last few months there's been and increase in link spammers - people who join the forum just to post links back to their website or business.

If you haven't noticed it, it's because I try to delete spam pretty quickly.  But I'm not always able to - and a lot of it seems to happen overnight.  One time a spammer posted something and a bunch of forum members went with it, so I just deleted the links and left it up.  :)

Anyway ... we are testing a system where you basically have to earn the right to post links.  Until the bugs are worked out, you may find that a link you posted "doesn't work" or show as a link.  In that case you can do one of two things ...

1) Wait it out for a little bit. The forum's cache system "holds onto changes" and releases them slowly at times.  

2) Send me a PM and I'll see if I can correct it manually.

I think we are close to figuring this out, but I'll never know if we don't release the change. Ultimately it should make us less susceptible to spam and will make my life easier, so I appreciate your understanding on any inconvenience.
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Re: Links and spam

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