Killington, April 15, 2017

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Killington, April 15, 2017

The Whiteface webcam and some conditions reports looked really depressing earlier past week.
So went to Killington. The place was a blast (again, as in previous years this time around).

I realize it every year that at the end end of the season when conditions at Whiteface or Gore (my regular winter day-trip  destinations) suddenly fall apart, there is another few weeks of quality skiing left in the season ... at Killington. They had most areas open this weekend, the mountain was in almost full-operation mode (which may be winding down after this week, but Superstar, etc, open for another few weeks).

Was just below freezing overnight, snow between 8-11am was great, and still ok later.

As always, they have a massive amount of snow stockpiled at the top of superstar, good for another few weeks:

Was a very good day, probably the last one for me this season

Skiray Skiray
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Re: Killington, April 15, 2017

Now tell me how we missed each other?

The place was really quiet this weekend. Sunday for sure was very very very quiet.

We had a blast..  The kids were hitting all of the gullies
The family that skis together, stays together.