Lange Inferno 27.5

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Lange Inferno 27.5

**I'm selling these for a friend

Lange Inferno size 27.5 (9.5 us)

-size on some sites listed as 9.5, which is equivalent to mondo 27.5
-purchased new off tramdock at the beginning of last season for $250
-12 days of use
-minor scuffs/scratches, nothing out of the ordinary
-115 flex index, 98mm last, 317mm boot sole length. modeled after race boots but slightly softer, more comfortable liner, more forgiving overall
-please note: this pair of boots has had the toe box punched out (by Sports Page) about 3-4mm. I am selling them because I bought the wrong size and did not realize this until my toes were bruised after a few days of riding. I do not believe that the punch-out would have any negative effect on people who fit in a 27.5.

Looking for $175, open to offers.
Can have them up at Gore for opening weekend

post in here or e-mail

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Re: Lange Inferno 27.5 buyers.

Lange 27.5   (my size)  fits nicely a 10.5 to 11 foot.   I wear a size 11 shoe in every shoe I own.      So far no issues with my newest Lange 130s.      

PS...there are no "whole" sizes in Lange boots.    They ended the madness.  

This is a good deal, good boots and great price.     But if you have a 9.5 foot, you might want to do some fitting before purchase.  
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Re: Lange Inferno 27.5

These are mine, just so everyone knows. Definitely willing to consider offers. Here's a review I wrote of them.

Background: I am 19, 6ft tall, 200lbs. Aggressive expert skier. I raced for my high school team but now spend my time skiing trees and bumps. I DO NOT ski park and therefore cannot offer information on how they perform within that discipline.

Overall, I have found that these boots work extremely well for my size, weight, ability and preferences. My last pair of boots were Nordica Dobermann pro 130 race boots, so I am used to the tight, responsive feel of a race boot. The Infernos, like my Nordicas, have a 98mm last. Many people find that this can be uncomfortably narrow, especially if their feet are on the wider side. Personally, I prefer a tight, responsive fit. They have a well-shaped heel that does an excellent job keeping the rear end of my foot in place. I have never experienced pain using these boots, and if they fit properly, you shouldn't either. The flex index is 115, though this number is not easy to compare to other boot manufacturers because there is no industry standard for rating boot flex. I would say they are considerably stiffer than the average recreational boot and would be difficult to flex if you're under 165ish pounds and/or not a strong skier. I have found that this is a comfortable "in-between" flex for me- it is stiff enough to be responsive when carving yet soft enough not to sink my skis in powder or kill my shins in bumps. If you look at the pictures, the white part of the boot is a softer plastic than the black part, so you get an even, predictable flex without compromising response. The liners are a bit more comfortable than a race liner, but I would still consider them a dense, performance-oriented liner. The part around the foot does not pack out much.The toe box of the liner is a bit softer and expands a little bit. The cuff and tongue of the liner are softer yet still responsive. The inside of the tongue has a rubber/gel piece that adds comfort and reduces shin bang. All four of the buckles are metal and microadjustable, making it easy to dial in your preferred fit. The velcro strap at the top works well, keeping the tongue against your ankle, which improves response and diminishes shin bang.

Thanks for looking.