Mont Tremblant 4-12 to 4-14-2017

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Mont Tremblant 4-12 to 4-14-2017

We skied a few days at Mont Tremblant during my daughter's spring break. We started the week with a few days visit to Montreal and drove up to Mont Tremblant on Tuesday in the rain.
Wednesday was cold with intermittent rain and drizzle. We still had a good day.

The base village. We stayed at Le Sommet des Neiges right next to the gondola.

It was foggy and 35 degrees at the top all day. They were operating only 3 main lifts, the Gondola and the TGV on the south side and the Duncan Express on the north.

The rain and mid week day kept the trails empty

It snowed a few centimeters overnight. Thursday started out in the 30s but slowly warmed up to the 40s as there were very few clouds. They also opened Le Soleil HSQ with only the blue trail Toboggan open.

The mountain was clearing out during our first ride up the gondola.

Conditions were midwinter firm to start, but softened during the day.

The north side bump runs with Expo in the middle. These runs did not open until Friday, although there were poachers.

At the top of Le Soleil about to head down Toboggan

Friday was even warmer and they opened up a bunch of the bump runs, the Flying Mile HSQ and the Expo HSQ. There were many more people on the slopes as Good Friday is a holiday in Quebec. The temps pushed up to the 50s and it was a perfect spring day.

Marie-Claude Asselin, a narrow, 3 bump wide, former t-bar line diamond. It was big fun.

Canadians do love hockey.

My daughter loves going fast.

View of the south upper mountain from the top of the Flying Mile HSQ

Happy skiers

The party started early on Friday as temps pushed up into the 60s at the base.

We had a wonderful time at Mont Tremblant.

D.B. Cooper D.B. Cooper
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Re: Mont Tremblant 4-12 to 4-14-2017

Tremblant has one of the best names for a trail.  Bière en bas.....Beer Down Below.
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