NYSB Interview with Killington's Mike Solimano

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Re: NYSB Interview with Killington's Mike Solimano

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I've always had an appreciation for K's support/loyalty to their pass holders. Given K is seemingly always the first to open and the last to close on the EC, how much of that is purely for marketing vs. for their loyal supporters/pass holders.

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Re: NYSB Interview with Killington's Mike Solimano

D.B. Cooper
Harv, do you think this is likely to happen?  Maybe more toward the fall?

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Re: NYSB Interview with Killington's Mike Solimano

I would really like to do it.

I am not an expert on Killington and I need some more good questions to justify taking Mike's time. What was posted here was helpful but not enough. I'd say I have 5 or 6 good questions and I probably need 20.

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Re: NYSB Interview with Killington's Mike Solimano

Benny Profane
How much does hosting the World Cup cost the company? What is the return on that investment, for both the company and the Killington skier, both short term visitor and season pass holder?

How does the purchase of Stowe by Vail Inc. affect the Vermont ski industry outlook? How will Killington react to that market change?

Does Killington lose money by keeping the Superstar lift turning until almost June? What is the justification for that?

How many serious injuries and deaths on the hill are results of incidents with one or all parties involved are under the influence of alcohol? Does the mountain even keep a record of that? Does the management of the hill ever feel morally or legally compromised about such incidents, since Killington sells and makes a substantial part of its revenue from on mountain alcohol sales?

Has Killington received offers from a larger ski mountain owning corporation to sell itself, or, if not, would it entertain such an offer? Has Killington considered merging with any other ski hill or hills in Vermont, using a common ticket, as it once did with Sugarbush in the 90s?

When will the K1 base lodge be replaced?

Why was the lodge at the top of the gondola barely larger than the old lodge, hardly releasing seating pressure on the K1 base lodge. Why not a two story lodge on top of the gondola, like at Snowbird?

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