Tariffs: A Poll

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Harvey Harvey
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Tariffs: A Poll

What do you think? Let's see what we think.

Stick to ideas, and this can live here in the OT. Otherwise it's into the PolyCrap.
You cannot change your vote after voting.
This poll ends on .
You have to vote before you can see the results.
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Icecoastchef Icecoastchef
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Re: Tariffs: A Poll

The idea that we need to have a positive trade balance is based in naïveté of basic economic fundamentals.

The ONLY exceptions for when tariffs are a good idea are either a) if you’re a developing nation or b) if the resources in question impact national security. However, in the case of A, it still negatively impacts your economy in the short term by increasing costs of living, production, etc. In the case of B, as long as you’re capable of producing the product/service in question then I’m not sure this ever offsets the negative impacts of tariffs.

-A political centrist who hates tariffs