Telemark Movie Premier at Hickory, Sat. Feb. 2

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Telemark Movie Premier at Hickory, Sat. Feb. 2

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Let's Go is the 2012-2013 release from Telemark Skier Magazine.  Hickory will be hosting the movie during an apres ski gathering on Saturday, Feb. 2, at 4:30.  The event is one, whether Hickory is open or not.  They will have the kitchen open for food and will be selling select micro brews from Schmaltz Brewery.  We are hoping to sample their award winning Hop Manna IPA and Coney Island Lager, among other possibilities.  Bring your friends and family.

Let’s Go! introduces viewers to the Telemark Skier Crew, a high-octane group of freeheel skiers in search of the perfect turn. The group itself is comprised of filmmakers, photographers and writers who have collaborated on all aspects of this film to bring it to life. They even serve as the ski talent in the film. The movie blends appearances from the Crew, a first-of-its-kind athlete/content creation team, which includes the likes of JT Robinson and Kjell Ellefson, along with performances by innovative freeheelers like Kate Hourihan, Tony Gill and Andreas Sjobeck.

"Let’s Go! brings you into our world of living on the road and searching for the best telemark turns on the planet,  Josh Madsen says “We found powder in Norway and filmed the first ever Double-Cork 1080 on telemark skis. It was an amazing year!" In scenes both on and off piste, the film showcases the sport’s most avant-garde moves in the deep powder and in the park.

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