Trouble at Conklingville dam/Sacandaga lake

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Trouble at Conklingville dam/Sacandaga lake

Fox news(12:00 am) just ran a breaking news alert that at 8 pm authorities  issued a condition B dam emergency action plan in response to unusual changes in water pressure within the Conklimgville dam.  A potentailly hazardous condition is developing. Authorites have maximized water being released from the Conklingville dam.

Sacandaga Lake has been at record levels recently.

Hope that baby holds!!! Sacandaga is a big lake. Any dam failure would pour into Stewart's pond then race down the short Sacadanga river to the Hudson river and then overload all those Hudson river dams (5-6) in the next 15? miles. Including the Sacandaga lake, there's some serious amounts of water impounded from the Sac on down. Big water.

My house isn't that far from the Hudson.

Here's a Post Star article from 9:45 pm when they were just releasing water from Stewart's Pond, which is immediately below the Conklingville dam.. According to the Fox News show aired @ 12:00 AM,  they have also started releasing max amounts from Sacandaga Lake.