2017 Nordica Enforcer 90

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2017 Nordica Enforcer 90

On March 16th I attended a Nordica demo of next year’s skis and the Enforcer 93 was the one I really wanted to try the most.

The Nordica Enforcer 93 has the same profile as the Enforcer 100, construction, camber profile and radius…it is just 7mm narrower tip to tail. What did that mean to the way they skied…I couldn’t wait to find out.

Length: 177
Dimensions: 126-93-114
Place: Stowe
Construction: wood core/2 sheets TI
Conditions: Soft spring

For me, when I ski my Enforcer 100’s, which are 177 in length, they have no speed limit. They always feel solid and stable with zero shake.  I don’t know how many of you read Philplug, in case you don’t he is a ski reviewer who I am a big fan of. Phil has written that a person should go a length longer then they usually do with the 93 because they can get a little bit squirrely at very high speed and that the longer length smooth’s that problem out. I agree with this assessment.  That said I’m not going to get them in a longer length, I’m going to stick to 177 the same length I have the Enforcer 100’s in.  If your thing is trying to break your record on your SkiSpeed App on firm days there are better choices (ex. Firearrow 84 EDT). I’m getting the 90’s for its versatility and all the things it excels at.

The first thing I noticed was what you’d expect with the narrower dimensions they are quicker to turn then the 100’s. They are quick period, turn initiation is smooth and easy to get on edge.

Fall line skiers will love these, short turns flow easily and grippy when you need it. A couple of times I tried to pick a line where if I missed a turn it would be inconvenient and I never did. I had a lot of confidence on these skis.

The Enforcer 90’s curve GS turns and bigger very nicely. Where I pointed the tip the tail would follow. I never felt I would skid out of a turn unless I wanted to or needed to.

You would expect a ski with 2 sheets of TI to hold ice well. It was warm and soft on demo day and the only ice I could find was the softish kind. It held very well on that. I do know that I skied plenty of hard ice on my 100’s and they did the job well.

The highlight of my day was when we hit Centerline. It was bumped up big and soft and it was a blast. The 90’s slayed this terrain. I’ve skied bumps with the 100’s and they worked fine, buy the 90’s are so quick that they make this type of terrain more enjoyable to ski.

No snow in the trees, but I gotta believe a ski this maneuverable would do very well in Eastern glades.

In summary I liked this ski very much. As I proof read this review I think I may give the impression that I like the Enforcer 90's better than the 100’s and that is not the case. Do I like them as much? I’m not sure, I only had 3 runs on them in ideal spring conditions. In the spirit of full disclosure I’ve written before that I’m the area rep for Nordica at Whiteface, so many people will think I’m shilling for Nordica…that’s fine. Ski manufactures don’t make bad skis any more. All their high end skis are really good. It’s just a matter of finding a ski that fits your needs at a price you can live with. I think the Enforcer 90 will fit the needs of many skiers.
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Re: 2017 Nordica Enforcer 90

Thanks for the review!