Arizona Snowbowl 3/7/20

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Arizona Snowbowl 3/7/20

While visiting family in Arizona this week, I had a chance to use one of my Freedom Pass days at the Snowbowl.  This was my first time ever skiing on the west coast and at an elevation over 5,000 feet.

Conditions were a little firm in spots, loose granular with some ice underneath, but that changed as temperatures warmed into the 50’s and the sun got higher in the sky.  

The top of the mountain remained inaccessible, unless you were willing to hike it from the top of the Grand Canyon Express, as the Agassiz chair was still down

Workers were continuing to get the new part installed for an anticipated opening on Sunday.  As I was riding up the chair alongside of it, suddenly a loud round of applause came from the nearby seating area as the chairs started to finally spin.  Should be good to go tomorrow as planned!

The mid mountain bump runs were nice and soft, not quite corn snow, but pretty close.  

I would have loved to have hit some of the upper mountain.  Looked to be some pretty challenging terrain up there!

RA - great home mountain you have here.  I’ll definitely be back at some point.
Ski the snow on the ground, not the date on the calendar. - Glenn Plake
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Re: Arizona Snowbowl 3/7/20

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It’s really cool seeing Snowbowl tr’s on here that aren’t mine!

We skied yesterday afternoon and it got really good around one or so. It’s definitely spring skiing now but there’s a chance we might get hammered next week.

You should see it during a big season when we are getting dumped on. As of now we are only at 163 inches for the season but the base is solid.

Two days ago they announced that the Agassiz chair will be getting replaced this summer with a chondola. I’m stoked!