Brant Lake Moutain Bike Park- "The Hub"

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Brant Lake Moutain Bike Park- "The Hub"

Was able to ride the new trails in Brant lake last week.  Some really terrific sections of trail, a lot of near rock features to ride on.  Well places signage... There is a ton of opportunity for more trail here.

The ascent starts with some mild switchbacks and meanders up to the top with some moderate climbing.  Lots of wildlife sign around, beautiful views, some really fun & fast single track up top.  Constellation was our favorite descent.  We rode about 6.5 miles, after bombing down to the bottom where the Hub sits (was closed, it was a Wednesday afternoon) we took a nice cruise are Mill Pond where there is a nice town beach to cool off.

After the victory lap around the pond we headed down to Crossroads Store in Chestertown which I was shown this winter as it sits right off the snowmobile trail...  CafĂ©, Gas n' Guns

Will be back soon, and will also be checking out Brant Lake for a post ride Jet Ski ride next time.

Many thanks to the Hub for getting this up and riding.

The day begins...  Your mountain awaits.