Caving! Chimney Mountain

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Caving! Chimney Mountain

So a buddy of mine is home from Clarkson for the weekend and I promised him some adventures. I told him we were going hiking, but had no idea where. I gave Condor a call and asked if he wanted to come, so he did. We stopped by EMS because I wanted some new gear and Dave got a headlamp.

We got up there pretty late - around 4:15. It took about an hour to get to the peak. We hung around for a minute and then headed down to the caves.

Dave was really nervous because he gets pretty claustrophobic. But I was too, so it's ok. Connor had been there before so we were following his lead.


There is a pretty well-marked system of caves that run in a loop and you come back out in the bat cave. We had  a bit of trouble finding the entrance to the network at first, but it was pretty easy going after that. Only three or four spots where you really had to be on your stomach and wiggle through.

We came out probably around 6, got a bite to eat, then headed back in with the camera.

First Room (turn your head 45` to the left)

Oh Hayyyy Connor


Chillin Chillin

Going Down

Fortunately there was a rope ladder at the first drop - if that hadn't been there then we wouldn't have gotten past the first room.

Still going down


Na Na Na Na Na Na Na NA BATMAN!

The Bat Cave

We came out of the cave for the second time around 7:30. Pitch black out and it had rained. The scramble back to the top of the ridge was pretty wet so we tried to find another way around. That didn't work so well. After about 20 minutes of disorientation and confusion, we were back on track and headed to the car.

Dave - promise fulfilled.

Now it's time for me to do some physics and calc homework!