Cloud Seeding?

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Cloud Seeding?

I think there may have been a topic on Skiadk about this but it's really interesting.  

With CO's above average snowfall this season it really makes you think. Here's a quote out of the NY Times article to how it works.

"The cloud-seeding method generally used in the winter and the one used in Denver involves ground-based generators set at high elevations that are literally fired up to release plumes containing silver iodide crystals into storm clouds with temperatures roughly between 7 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit. When water vapor or droplets attach to the silver iodide crystal, latent heat is also released, and it increases cloud size and the duration of storms."

Do you think this could work for NY areas?  Part of me says yes, but on the other hand it doesn't seem that moisture is the real issue- it's the temps.  Looks like the trend is spreading.. Intrawest (ownder of stratton, tremblant, winterpark, steamboat) also hopped on the wagon this year

It's a great read anyway, here's a link:
NYT article:
Intrawest Article:
Summit Daily snowfall article from today:

The day begins...  Your mountain awaits.