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Harvey Harvey
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*Frequently Asked Questions*

I understand the NY Ski Blog / Forum / Magazine are a little hard to wrap your brain around. I often get questions from people who are confused about the multiple logins, how to comment, and other issues.

We've done two things to try to make life easier:

We've added a FAQ section.

The FAQ section hits the questions we get asked most often.

Plus in the Woodstove we've added a new Sub-Forum called The NYSB Guide. This section is more in depth.

If you have questions that aren't answered in either of these places, post them in the Forum Issues and Questions thread.

Special thanks to Big Dog Mom for her help in putting this together.
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BigDogMom BigDogMom
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Re: *Frequently Asked Questions*

Thanks Harvey for putting this FAQ page together.  I was one of the confused folks (doesn’t take much unfortunately) and I think this will really help visitors feel more comfortable with joining in the conversations and exploring all the great information posted on the NY Ski Blog.