Gear for Sale from NYSB Affilliates

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Gear for Sale from NYSB Affilliates

NYSkiBlog has become an affiliate of the following gear outlets:

 >> Eastern Mountain Sports
 >> EVO
 >> OMC Gear

If you click on any of the links above or the ads at top of the various forums and then buy something, NYSB gets a small percent (+/-5%).

This does not cost you anything, and will help us cover costs of hosting and web development.  (By end of next summer we hope to be fully responsive, mobile friendly, Zelda would kill if she knew how much time and money.)

The Gear Poll was also influential in these choices.

If you haven't voted in the polls please feel free to do so.

And if it works for you, please click on the links above patronize our affiliates. Thanks.
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