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Gore 12/23/10

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Skied Willard Tuesday, Whiteface Wednesday (they got 6" last night, damn.), Gore yesterday and Today.
Trails are pretty firm.The Arena looked real nice right when we got there so we took a warm up on the lower mountain. Foxlair was decent and held enough snow when I hit it again around 12. Showcase got beat up pretty bad by the winds, so we took Lower Sleighride.(which has a mix of a park and a skier cross on it - a 20ish foot stepdown, a few rollers, a banked s turn, a flat rail, a shotgun down rail,  and a hitchin' post that doesn't have a steep enough lip onto it). Sides of it skied alright. I was on my slalom skis so I didn't hit any rails. The rollers and s-turns are real fun though. Wild Air had the guns blasting but was only open from Sleighride down. It was soft and pretty slow.

We didn't even bother with Sunway, it looked pretty boiler plate from the gondi.
Twister had the guns on it and opened. Real soft and pretty slow. They probably should have turned off the guns in the afternoon, it was getting pretty wet. That may have been the best run of the day though.

We didn't bother trying Hawkeye. It looked and sounded very scratchy from the lift.
Lies is a sheet of ice on the headwall, and... well... a sheet of ice on the lower part, too. There was a bit of soft stuff to be found on the sides if you were lucky.

Lower Steilhang, Hullabalo, and Lower Darby were alright - there's a fair amount of snow from the guns. Steilhang has a fair amount of grass sticking through and it styrofoamish. There are some pretty fun bumps on it though. Hullabalo was like Steilhang, only with a LOT more coverage. Monster whales that are edgable styrofoam. Skiers left was the sweet spot for Lower Darby. Soft snow with some decent bumps. Watch the second pitch, the bumps are kind of an s turn that with throw you off a bit.

The pic Harv posted was from around noon today.