Gore Mtn, NY: 2/5/11

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Gore Mtn, NY: 2/5/11

Ski Day 19: Today was definitely divided in two.  A cold bluebird morning, and a warmer, snowy afternoon.


Zelda and I spent much of the morning on the North Side, and at the summit.


Days after the last snowfall, the trees were tracked up, but coverage was much better than last weekend.

Straightbrook Trees

High Pines


After lunch in Gore's Saddle Lodge, Zelda said she wanted to see if Sagamore had bumps on it. We went down through the North Side...


... to Pipeline.  It's probably a similar amount of skating as the Cedars Traverse from the Base Lodge, but the flatter parts are separated by sections with pitch.  In the long run, people may or may not use Pipeline Traverse to get to Burnt Ridge or the Ski Bowl. But, in my opinion it's more interesting, faster, and it allows you to avoid the base area. Today we saw a lot of skiers using the route.

When we reached the Burnt Ridge Quad loading area, I ran into Matt, who took a few moments to school me on how to find deep snow on the Ridge.  His advice was spot on, and I lapped the Quad four times.


It started to snow around 2pm. Zelda called it a day, and I headed back to Gore's summit.  I just wanted see how hard it was snowing up top.

I snowed steadily for the rest of the ski day. On my last run down, I checked out the new Chatterbox "beginner" glades. Very nice skiing. It's great to see another low angled glade on the East Side.

Best snow of the day was on Uncas, High Pines, Tahawas Glades, Dark Side, Cirque, Chatterbox.  The evening included some thunder and lightning, and a half an inch of sleet.  Still, it's all good. Even with 60 inches of snow in the last 4 weeks, much of it has been fluff, and you can never have too much snow in the trees.
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