History of Boyne

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History of Boyne

Here is a link to a pretty good article on the history of Boyne

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Re: History of Boyne

Apparently Boyne Mountain is diversifying into lacrosse and soccer during the summer season.  A recent article about the debt restructuring done by Boyne Resorts in order to buy back the properties sold to CNL includes a story behind the decision to build the Skylift in Gatlinburg.  That lift has been quite a money maker since Boyne is only responsible for the lift.  They had to rebuild it completely after a wildfire destroyed half the town a few years ago.


Interesting that the two brothers ran the company together for years before Stephen Kircher decided he would rather concentrate on Crystal in WA.  He brought Crystal into Boyne Resorts in 1997 when he was in charge of Boyne West.

Boyne Resorts financed major upgrades at Big Sky with the money from CNL in 2008 and 2010.  They have issued $400 million in private bonds to pay for the ongoing capital projects in the Big Sky 2025 plan, including upgrading a number of lifts.  Those bonds are due in 2025.

For another view of the history of Boyne Resorts that goes beyond the ski properties:

1947:  Everett Kircher and partners acquire Boyne Mountain in northwestern Michigan.
1954:  Gatlinburg Sky Lift begins operation in Tennessee.
1964:  Kircher adds Boyne Highlands ski area.
1967:  Robert Trent Jones-designed Heather golf course opens at Boyne Mountain.
1976:  Big Sky Resort in Montana is purchased.
1986:  Brighton Ski Bowl in Utah is acquired.
1992:  Boyne South Resort in Naples, Florida opens.
1994:  Firm signs deal to build golf course, hotel at Bay Harbor resort in Michigan.
1997:  Boyne buys Crystal Mountain ski area in Washington State.
1999:  Inn at Bay Harbor opens; majority stake in Bavarian Village Ski shops is purchased.
2001:  Cypress Mountain ski area near Vancouver, British Columbia is bought.
2002:  Kircher dies at age 85, leaving management of firm to his four children.
2005:  New hotel, spa, and water park opens at Boyne Mountain.

2005-2008: Boyne sells several properties to CNL and signs long term operational leases
2017:  John Kircher buys Crystal, separates from Boyne Resorts management
2018:  Boyne Resorts buys former properties from OZ aka Ski Resort Properties (took over CNL ski properties)