Just back from XC ski in Lake Placid,Cascade XC,Paul SmithsXC 12-28-2018

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Just back from XC ski in Lake Placid,Cascade XC,Paul SmithsXC 12-28-2018

Just got back from Lake Placid. Here are the highlights:

Olympic XC facility: I only skied a couple hours the day I got there-, meticulous grooming, which makes for thin snow, but still well covered, 2-3 inch base. The green trails were quite flat and pretty boring.

Cascade XC ski: Small xc ski place, mostly narrower trails (6-8 ft). Very pretty. Less grooming, so base was thicker (6-8"), but with substantial waves.Very nice lodge, fireplace, food, bar. The greens were nicely hilly and the blues big fun (likes Flannigans trails best). No blacks to speaks of (or open).

Paul Smiths College VIC: about 20-30 minutes north of Lake Placid. Had much more snow than LP. Went there on a rainy day expecting mashed potatoes, but most trails were smooth, had excellent base, and solid snow. Most seem to be fairly hilly greens and blues (several were closed, so I did not try the more hilly ones. No food at the VIC (just hot drinks), but a nice lounge and wildlife viewing room. If snow is lousy in LP this is the place to go.

All 3 places had accurate trail condition reports.

Food: The Downtown Diner in LP has the best french toast! They know to soak the bread through so it is full of custardy goodness.
Pack Basket Diner near Paul Smiths was good for me- Roast beef cheese melt with grilled onions was great. Don't know about other foods.
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Re: Just back from XC ski in Lake Placid,Cascade XC,Paul SmithsXC 12-28-2018

Sounds like they are barely hangin' on up there.  But I guess it's better than nada.  I'm guessing the Jackrabbit isn't too skiable ATM.

I tend to go south or west if the snow up there is not good.  Of course I don't typically ski at groomed centers unless it's real thin and it's the only option.  Typically south of the HIgh Peaks will have more snow but not much in the way of amenities down there.

I've never skied at Cascade or Hoevenberg, but I've skied the VIC, and it's OK.  In the Paul Smith's area, I actually prefer skiing in the Canoe Area.  It's all ungroomed though, obviously, and some of the tours require skiing on the lakes, so it's not always ideal.
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