Loon 3/21 - 3/22

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Loon 3/21 - 3/22

Used our Max pass to go to Loon where we had not been to before. Really enjoyed our 2 days there snow was excellent, crowds non-existent and hotel inexpensive since it was mid-week. Loon is a moderately sized mountain probably a little smaller than Gore. It has 3 areas North Peak, South Peak and Loon Mountain. South peak is separated from the rest of the area by a transfer lift, like Sugarbush but the transfer lift is much shorter. South Peak and North Peak both feature long groomed fall-line expert trails and a few blue trails around the perimeter. With just about perfect snow these trails were lots of fun and with empty high speed quads serving them we did a lot of vertical in our two days.

Although it was midweek it seemed like they have a high trail to lift count so I would imagine the trails are not too crowded on the weekend, although the lines might be long.  South peak in particular has 4 wide expert and 2 blue trails serviced by the one lift. They leave a few trails with moguls, interestingly these are marked on the trail map and one was a trail which one side was moguls and the other side groomed, always thought this was a great idea and i wish more places did it.  There were a few glades open but they looked pretty rocky so we only did one. Seemed like they get a a lot less snow than Vermont areas and the although the vertical is 2100 the summit is only 3050.

With the demise of the Max pass not sure when we will return but it was a fun trip.