Minerva Lake, NY: 8/21/10

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Harvey Harvey
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Minerva Lake, NY: 8/21/10

If you've got little kids or just want to hang out on a nice, free beach, with a lifeguard, I'd recommend it. The afternoon didn't turn out to be the hot sunny day we'd imagined, but we decided to go for it anyway. We figured with the playgrounds, sand and scenery, even if the kids didn't make it in the water, it would be fun.

It was a chance for Zelda, Neve and I to connect with Jeff, Beth, Daniel and Sylvie.

Plus we the pleasure of finally meeting I:)skiing.

One of two playgrounds as promised:

The beach...

The island for interest...

Sailboats and canoes for rent...

A hiking (running, jumping!) path around the lake...

Direx from North Creek... North on 28N toward Minerva.

Past the Minerva firehouse, then on the right turn at Town Shed Road.

Town Shed turns into Long Hill Road. In a few yards, left on Beach Road.

Thanks MattyR!
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MattyR MattyR
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Re: Minerva Lake, NY: 8/21/10

Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!!

It's one of our favorite places to spend a summer day...
I:)skiing I:)skiing
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Re: Minerva Lake, NY: 8/21/10

Minerva lake is perfect....go back 35 yrs to my childhood.    Popcicles are 25 cents..I think.   25 c candy, 1 sodas, cheep but good consession food, that is close to the beach so you can watch your kid run up and order.     They set this place up right.   Outside shower, good bathrooms and dressing rooms.    They clean up....if rude people drop trash which I have not seen yet.    Everyone smiles, I have not seen anyone smoking...place is just perfect.

Fishing...caught a bluegill in less than 1 minute after finding a worm.    Take your bait.    That was the hardest part.  

Last trip when I met Harve and Jeff....we were at the lake 3 of 4 days.    Kids and I felt the water was just fine.    nice sand bottom.

Just found this website   I have been looking for Black Hole----it was a local secret, lots of people would tell me about it but not exactly how to get there...they got me close but not close enough.    Check this site out...I love it.  


It lists 3 areas around NC,   a few up on the Ausable.