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Nordica FireArrow 80

I don't think I've read much about gear in this forum so I thought I'd give it a try and see if it works.

This is Nordicas big new entry for 2010/2011. They are going to put "The fun back in the front side." Theres a Firearrow 74 too. Nordica is pushing them and the shops are stocking them like crazy. They are a ski for firm snow days, but there dimensions,  plus twin tips, give them more versatility then most race inspired front side skis.

Nordica FireArrow 80 Skis with XBI TC 412 Bindings 2011: Designed for the racers at heart who are looking for a more versatile option than skiing on race boards. Nordica has included everything but the kitchen sink in the Fire Arrow 80. Full Sidewall Construction and a Wood Core provide optimum stability with powerful rebound energy as well as edge hold you can't match. Nordica has created a new combination of frontside sidecut that combines Slalom and GS style turn radii to offer a more versatile turn shape. The versatile waist dimension of 80mm makes it quick and snappy on the groomers but wide enough to take in the deeper snow. The twin tail design makes the ski more playful and reduces unwanted tail catching in cruddy snow.

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