Permits for planned Ski Bowl resort expire

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Permits for planned Ski Bowl resort expire

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I don't think this is looking good. Stirling Goodspeed was on Frontstreet months ago to renew their permits yet they let them expire. WTH ! In the least, not very professional.

This Mac Crikelair, FS Project Manager, seems to speak patented BS.

JOHNSBURG - The local zoning permits for two planned high-end resorts at or near the Ski Bowl Park that local officials hope will flood the town with new cash have expired.

Late last month, the Johnsburg Planning Board notified the developers of the Frontstreet Mountain Development project at the ski bowl and the nearby Tall Timber project that they no longer have local permits to subdivide the properties. The permits ran out after three years.

Meanwhile, town officials want one of the developers investigated.

"Frontstreet is aware and is reapplying," said Planning Board Chairwoman Dottie Osterhout, about the permits. "Tall Timbers has been notified by mail."

Both developers had 180 days to renew, but neither did so before the permits expired, officials said.

"We're under construction now," said Frontstreet project manager Mac Crikelair. "It's a never-ending list of permits. It's not a mistake or an indication of anything. It's just the way construction works."

The $250 million Frontstreet project has been pitched as integral to the town's development of the Ski Bowl Interconnect, linking town property with Gore Mountain. Frontstreet developers have leased or donated dozens of acres to the town, with the expectation that people who buy the 130 high-end condos or homes will have direct access to Gore Mountain ski center via the Interconnect.

Thus far, a single two-unit display condo has been constructed at the ski bowl site, which is expected to house five hotels and several restaurants if plans are realized.

But other issues could be brewing for the developers.

The Planning Board is seeking an investigation of the Frontstreet project and alleging numerous unspecified zoning violations. The board has drafted a letter asking the town zoning enforcement officer to undertake the investigation.

"There are potentially several illegal zoning actions the Planning Board wants investigated," town Councilman Ron Vanselow said Tuesday.

Planning Board officials refused to go into detail about any violations of local and Adirondack Park Agency zoning ordinances.

"I don't think it's appropriate for the media to report something like this before even the zoning officer has been notified," Osterhout said.

Osterhout said she would flesh out the allegations after the town zoning enforcement officer, Danae Tucker, is notified of the request on Monday.

"It's news to me," Crikelair said of the recent Planning Board action. "As far as I know, it's absolutely nothing."

Until recently, Chris May was Johnsburg's zoning enforcement officer. He said, as of late last year, Frontstreet hadn't subdivided its property and paid the town the required $200 per parcel. Frontstreet has started building its second condo, which would be a violation if the property still hasn't been subdivided.

"It's one of the reasons I left the job," May said. "Everyone wants the project. Johnsburg needs it, it would double the local tax base. But, because of the size of it, people have been looking the other way."

May said, if the project folds without having been subdivided, the town could get saddled with a noncompliant parcel holding multiple structures on a single lot.

According to the office of the Town Clerk, the minutes of the March 28 Planning Board meeting and any associated resolutions have yet to be filed.

"There's more than just one thing that we want investigated," Osterhout said. "The zoning officer may very well determine that there's nothing there."