Placid Convention Center = Placid countryside build out ?

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Placid Convention Center = Placid countryside build out ?

 Build it and they will come. Art Lussi has a plan. So let's change the zoning laws to build more, bigger hotels and develop his rural zoned Placid lands with commercial buildings?

Is this the same Art Lussi ( or family member) who is a member of the APA ? Ya know, the agency that's alway saying they need to protect the park from greedy developers ? Then goes about harassing private people with single family dwellings, even making them undo things on their property THAT THE APA PREVIOUSLY PERMITED THEM TO BUILD......In effect saying.. We changed our minds, tear it out, or spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting us or just sell your property to our buddies or surrender it's rights to us

Now Lussi himself wants to turn his land, zoned residential and rural countryside, into a planned developement district!!!

 " Politi also said there is some opposition on the JRB to making the entire property - which is currently a mix of village center, residential and rural countryside zones - a planned development district. "

" Lussi argued that complying with the review requirements to create a new planned development district would cost him tens of thousands of dollars. "

Oh gee, He even wants to avoid complying with current review requirements cause it may cost him tens of thousands of dollars( and maybe risk a denial of his developement plans, eh Art?).
These people are too much. This smells even at a precursory sniff.

Where's the APA on this? Did they already pencil whip this thru? It's the Master Plan Lussi refers to in the article.