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Posting Trip Reports (mtn, day/mo/yr)

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Please include the name of the mountain, the state or province, and the date skied, INCLUDING THE YEAR in the title.

One method:  Awesome Mountain, NY: 1/8/59

The Trip Reports Forum is for Trip Reports.

Only Trip Reports should be posted in the Trip Reports Forum.

Don't post things in the Trip Reports Forums that are not Trip Reports.

The first post in a Trip Report is the Trip Report itself. Pre-trip posts are not allowed.

If you have any doubt about this rule please email me.  I will send you a link to this post, highlighting the four lines above.

If someone is VAGUE about location RESPECT IT.  Don't press for information on location. It's not cool.

This forum is for winter sport trip reports only: Skiing, Boarding, Snowshoeing, Winter Camping, etc.

Summer Sports TRs should be posted in Summer Sports.

We reserve the right to combine TRs from the same mountain, same day into one thread to improve forum usability.

Posts that are primarily links out to other sites should be posted in The Woodstove.

Thank you.

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