Record air pollution hammers Calif's ag heartland

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Record air pollution hammers Calif's ag heartland

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A side effect from this season's weather. Asthma rates 3 times the National average.

" This is the time of year when residents who often live with the nation's worst pollution often can draw a breath of fresh air. But this winter has not been kind to people who want to play outside in California's Central Valley. "

" Small particulates in the bloodstream can break off plaque in the coronary artery, creating a logjam and a heart attack. "

" Cutting through the valley are the state's two main north-south highway corridors, the routes for nearly all long-distance tractor trailer rigs, the No. 2 source of particulate pollution in the valley. Also in the mix are millions of acres of plowed farmland and 1.6 million dairy cows and the flatulence and ammonia-laden manure they create. "

" Air pollution officials say the technology doesn't yet exist to lessen the valley's pollution and bring the region into compliance, though the district is investing in research and giving grants for things such as the new generation of battery powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers. "

Really ? How's bout you try this....

On the agricultural side (their major polluter), they need to take those huge dairy farms and the pollution causing manure mentioned, and use it to generate electricity. Already in use and proven around the Nation, it earns the farmer great money, eleminates the pollution and the odor. The final product is nonpolluting and can still be used for fertilizer. It is also used for animal bedding, saving the dairy farmer big $ and they can use the system to heat water for cleaning the stables and milking equipment. Dairy farmers use ALOT of hot water in keeping everything sterlized, so this saves them big money.

The methane captured is also used to power farm tractors, etc. saving mega fuel dollars. Farmers use alot of fuel. It's a cheap and simple to convert engines to methane. Methane power pollutes far, far less than oil based fuels.

Win/win + cha-ching/cha-ching + cleaner air, etc.