Sacandaga Whitewater Park Petition

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Sacandaga Whitewater Park Petition

John Duncan over at the Sacandaga Outdoor Center is applying for a variance to the APA regarding building a few man-made features in the bed of the Sacandaga River to make a whitewater play park. There are a few throughout the country, and they seem to be very successful. Having a whitewater park this close to home would be AWESOME, and we're trying to get some people to show the love for it.

Here's his comment to the admin of NPMB
John Duncan wrote
Hi Wayne: Hope you might be able to post an on-line petition for support of the Sacandaga Whitewater Park. Paddler support would be of great benefit to securing the last piece of the puzzle our APA permit. There is no better way to reach Northeastern boaters than through your NPMB website. Let me know if this is possible, if so it would be a short paragraph explaining what they would be supporting and a way to sign up or capture their name and town of residence.

Thank you,


John Duncan
Here is the online petition: