Small Resorts offer big fun

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Small Resorts offer big fun

Was cleaning out my desk at work, no I didn’t get fired, and came across this article from the local paper.  The article was in the Albany Times Union in 2004. Could not find the on line version so just going to rehash the parts that I enjoyed.  The article is titled “Small Resorts offer big fun”.  It covers Berkshire East (never been),  
Ski Plattekill, Magic, Haystack and Hickory.  The author  really nailed Plattekill, Magic and especially Hickory, which was my happy  place.

Ski Plattekill
"Driving up the narrow country roads, you’ll think you were misinformed when you come here---- nothing but farms and homes. But when the road ends, and you’ll find yourself staring up at a thousand feet of some pretty challenging vertical.
There’s only two chairlifts but plenty of variety. The area is normally only open Fri-Sun, but after a weekday storm of a foot or more, it opens the next day.  Price $37 weekends, $25 powder daize."

"Magic has come back from the dead (it was closed for years in the 1990’s) to offer great terrain on challenging, narrow trails. The resort is about 90 minutes from Albany and never crowded. One minor bummer, the lifts are
s-l-o-w. Expect at least 15 minutes per ride up….. but that makes going down that much more fun. $46 weekends."

"This resort, if you can call it that, is not for everyone. Nearly all terrain is accessible only through two Poma lifts, which break down about once a day. The mountain operated through a user’s club, is never groomed, and the trails sport huge rocks that are guaranteed to scratch whatever you’re riding on. But catch this weekend –only hill after a good dump, and you’re guaranteed a good time. Even if you find yourself waiting for someone to fix the lift, at least you’ll soon find yourself on a first name basis with the friendly regulars. $25 weekends"
Harvey Harvey
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Re: Small Resorts offer big fun

So cool.

Sig could you scan it? If it is old enough I think I can use it in our memorabilia section without additional permission.
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