TGIF at Greek Peak 12/17/10

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Powderqueen Powderqueen
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TGIF at Greek Peak 12/17/10

Got off work early, picked up a coupla friends. Skied until the lights went on and the sky went dark.

Looks like for the weekend Chair 5 should be opening. They were making snow heading that way.

Chair 4 was running serving just Trojan, with no activity on the other slope on that side of the hill.

Iliad skied really well, packed powder, with some loose powder on the sides.

Eleysian fields sported some powder on the right side as well. The light lake effect variety, but just a few inches and mostly tracked.

The guns were on Odyssey and Christy's. I think we'll see them open this weekend.

With a good 6" snowfall the woods will be ready. They have a good start but are still thin, as the lake effect snow is very dry and light blower, which kind of evaporates.

It was nice to ski with some friends tonight. Very relaxed, Much slower pace than I usually keep, so I got cold quickly, but it was worth having the company. Much different than skiing with the gang at Gore. Will miss you guys this weekend.
campgottagopee campgottagopee
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Re: TGIF at Greek Peak 12/17/10

Nice that you got out there Queen-----Our crew will be around Sunday, so keep an eye out----I wear a Carhartt camo skull cap for a hat so I'm pretty easy to spot. Just holla "Camp", pretty sure you wont get cold lapping the place with us