Worst "Beater" Thread

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Worst "Beater" Thread

Ok, so we've seen a lot of "sweet" cars, and now it's time to do the 180 on this.
Who owns and drives the biggest beater? I own a few, and know I'll be out done,
but let's see what ya got.
Here's one of my submissions...currently registered Historic and insured:

This was one of the pics submitted to qualify for the historic plates. It's a 1993.

Jeep actually looks way better in pic than it appears on the street, but is still quite hammered.
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Re: Worst "Beater" Thread

I don't know about the "worst" beater, but I had the "best" beater ;)  Wish I still had it.

1961 Willys Pickup.  It used to be a fire truck for the Big Moose fire department so it was painted fire engine red (not well either) and had emergency vehicle lighting up top.  There was a water tank in the bed, but they removed that when I purchased.

That truck was my favorite even though it could barely go 55 mph.  I had a flathed line 6 in it with the original "army" type wheels and tires.  The bed was pretty rotten in spots although it could have been repaired.  The cab was in great shape.

I left it with someone when I moved because I didn't trust it to make the long journey and had no where to store it, and eventually it stopped running and parts started missing.

If I still had it, it would have been cool to use it a mtb shuttle vehicle or something dumb like that.

The only pictures I had were on film, and I don't even know if I could find one, but it looked something like this (it used to be painted teal like that and I had always wanted to restore it to the original color):