A very unusual event.....

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A very unusual event.....

Monday evening a very large missle was launched just 35 miles off the coast from Los Angeles. So far, Norad and the Department of Defense say they had no idea this missile was even launched. It did not register on the defense shield. DOD says it wasn't one of their missles.

Very freekin wierd and scary.  Any foreign government or terrorist group initiating a surprise launch of a missle of this size and so close to our coast....that's not good Hombre. It would demonstrate a stealth technology of missles and maybe of Naval vessels capable of evading our most sophisticated defenses. It would also infer an " in your face - screw you " warning to our country.

Hopefully,it's a hoax or the Pentagon actually did launch it. However, that just doesn't add up as normal protocol was not followed. Launching missles is very serious business preceeded by restricted air space, warnings, diplomatic notifications and a whole host of other safety precautions that were just not present in this launch. In one video shot, you can see an Airliner in proximity to the missle, ie no restricted air space. Very odd.

Watch for the spinmeisters to be out on this one. That is not a jet contrail and it is not a horizonal contrail from a jet as some are suggesting, This contrail is vertical and there's an Airliner flying at a right angle to the missle's contrail.

Do the Chinese have a blue water navy?

Hopefully it's a hoax/mistake. I just found it very odd and worth comment.

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Re: A very unusual event.....

yes china has subs..not as sophisticated as ours or the russians..
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Re: A very unusual event.....

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Re: A very unusual event.....

Looks like the pentagon is calling it a contrail.  Personally I like the more frightening theories better.
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Re: A very unusual event.....

Lot of holes in their explanation..... " It was probably an airplane ".

   If it was an airplane, there would of been....
   a) a filed flight plan
   b) a radar signature
   c) FAA awareness of the flight and radio communications
   d) a pilot who could verify his flight
   e) an Aviation company who could verify the flight
   f) a flight destination
   g) an airport- (The " flight " originated 35 miles out in the sea and well north of Catalina Island i.e. open waters)

None of these are present. Note the Pentagon Spokeman's inconclusive wording....." probably a airplane ". Besides other National Defenses, Vanderberg Airforce base and the San Diego Naval base are in that area. The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (and it's battle group) are currently operating in those waters.

If it was an airplane, there's no way in hell they wouldn't of known that. Those guys know when a fly farts in flight. They would have known instantly what it was. They didn't. They don't. They didn't even have it on radar, nor did the FAA,obstensibly.

Aircraft have Transponders, transmitters that send out a signal identifying exactly what aircraft they are, civilian or military, altitude and other info. This helps ground radar. It's also used to aid in other aircraft's collision avoidance systems. Radar pings activate transponders. Over high use airspace(L.A.) this would be constant.

If it was an airplane, all the above would have been present and they would have had a definitive answer...."It was flight #xyz out blah blah airport bound for BFE ". It would not have taken two days to get any answer let alone their inconclusive one.

Then there's the plume itself. Rocket like and vertical. They said it's an optical illusion cause it's heading towards the camera and that it's actually a horizional contrail.

In that case, it would have flown over land, over the camera (it didn't), and over others enroute to a verifiable mainland destination being tracked all the way by the FAA and Homeland Security/Pentagon. That did not happen, hence their inconclusive answer.

Unlike the other contrail illusions they showed, this contrail has points of references, landmarks. The horizion (w/land) is clearly visible. The contrail originates at, touches this horizion, so to speak. That wouldn't be visible in their example, the distance would be far to great for the camera lense and the contrail would have long dissipated at it's juncture with the horizion.

Any horizional jet contrail at elevation would not juncture at a right angle with the land, especially the close-by land in this camera's view, beyond which is the Pacific Ocean.

Jets don't leave contrails at take off or lower elevations. That happens at cold, high elevations.

Rockets leave contrails(exhaust flumes) at launch. Big, thick, fluffy ones like this one was.

Plus there's an airliner flying perpendicular to the exhaust flume as it's being created - it's a fresh exhaust flume. Vertical attitude.

This thing is just odd. It doesn't even come close to adding up. Their supposedly initial ignorance and then delayed inconclusive answer is curious. There maybe an answer, but haven't heard it yet.

I'm like Dr. House. When there's an anomoly, something that doesn't pass the smell test, I can't help but dissecting it till it makes sense or I at least cut though the PR crap. Curiousity, that's all.

Given the backdrop of other current world events, I thought this worth posting.