NY Ski Forum Rules, Policies and Guidelines

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Harvey Harvey
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NY Ski Forum Rules, Policies and Guidelines


Don't make work for the moderators.

Activities that create work for the moderators can lead to a loss of privileges or banning, at our discretion.

Hate speech — statements against entire groups of people based on race or religion — is not allowed.

It is against forum policy to post personal information about another forum poster. If you know someone's name, or anything about them, and you make it public without their consent, or use it as leverage, you are in violation of this rule.

Members should post items/ideas that are relevant to the entire community. Save inside jokes or personal conversation for email. Threads addressed to someone personally ("Attn: Fred)" will be moved to the OT regardless of content.

Don't duplicate post. One time is enough. Moderators will delete extras.

Wholesale post deletion makes a wreck of threads and is a violation of our policies. Violators will be banned. By joining the forum you agree to refrain from this practice.

No advertising without moderator approval. If you have an advertisement you think deserves an exception (non-profit etc) submit it to us by email. Ski Gear may be advertised, bought and sold in the Gear Forum, by forum members in good standing.

Real estate, in ski country, is acceptable in Gear for Sale if advertised by the owner if they are a forum member in good standing. No brokers.

Post only Winter Sport TRs in the Trip Reports forum. ONLY. Ask yourself: Is it a trip report?  "Hey I am going to XYZ mountain" is not a trip report.

Don't change the post title of the conditions threads. Don't. Don't do it. Do not do it.

Links to other websites are permitted by members in good standing.

Fight your own battles. Don't ask moderators to censor or ban another member.

Linked signatures are granted at the discretion of Forum admins. They are available to registered members in good standing. If you'd like a signature email us. Spare us your lift story - keep your signature to two lines or less.

Don't assume people know what mountain you are referencing. Include the specific mountain in your post title, and post.

Forum members who are deemed spammy, disruptive or disrespectful may be warned, have privileges reduced or be banned.

These rules are a work in progress and we reserve the right to amend them at anytime.

Questions? Email.
"You just need to go at that shit wide open, hang on, and own it." —Camp
Harvey Harvey
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In an attempt to slow down the flow of spam, NEW FORUM MEMBERS will have to be approved by a forum moderator before they can:

•Start or Reply to a thread
•Post live links

It's actually not that hard to tell who is a spammer and who isn't, and new member approval should happen quickly, usually within 24 hours or less.

If your signature, name or avatar looks promotional or attempts to link to an commercial website this process may take longer.  (Have an avatar - non-promotional - it matters).

If you have any questions about this please email me at the email address below.


If you send an email to a forum member they will see your email address.  If get an email from a forum member  - they have not seen your email address, but obviously IF YOU RESPOND, they will see your address.

If you want to keep your email address private, don't send or respond to forum email.
"You just need to go at that shit wide open, hang on, and own it." —Camp