Woo hoo! Got my Ikon pass today!

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Re: Woo hoo! Got my Ikon pass today!

I generate a crap ton of Marriott and Hilton points for my biz travel so I usually stay in Dowtown SLC.  I like the Sheraton there.  They have a great executive lounge with a free 2 hour of drinks and food if you have elite status.  If not pay up for the club level it’s worth it in free drinks which is a rarity in Utah.  I prefer to sleep down low as I’ve had a bad altitude sickness issue in Summit county awhile ago I’d prefer to not experience again.

For my sons spring break we are doing a father son trip to Snowbird and Alta this spring totally on points and using my ikon pass.  Making that up to my wife with a trip to Spain during the summer again on points.  My points are tapped out in a good way.
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