Killington Conditions

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Re: Killington Conditions

We closed Killington yesterday, and with that our 2017 - 2018 season has come to an end.

It was a great day that started before dawn.  We had been watching the weather all week wary of the rain threat, but other than a half dozen sprinkle of water at 4:00 on the deck, the sun was out, weather perfect and the skiers were loving every second of it.

My Instagram post from Friday night, when we decided to go for it.

We arrived at the mountain at around 9:30 and there was that vibe in the air, parking lot prep in action, deck hopping, and The Glacier was looking great.  I decided I had to end my season on my Monoski and as I was working my way up to the ticket desk, a wonderful gal offered me two half-price day just got even better at $14.50 a ticket.

Beer cooler in Mini
Karen and her Mini in the parking lot.....note beer cooler and Monoski in cargo hold

The snow really pulled back and the top of the Superstar headwall was fully exposed all the way to the base.  There were two ropes set up, but that route down was a mixture of mud and rock.  No matter which route one took it was a challenge, but it also became a bonding experience with the other skiers which just added to the experience.  The Glacier was its usual mix of rotten ice, corn and mud snow with only a few skinny crossings.  There were a few long troughs on skiers left, and as the day went on it bumped up on the lower headwalls and base runout.  

The skiing was really good.

The Glacier at 9:45
The Glacier at 10:00

We skied, broke for a 2 beer lunch at the bar, skied again and then relaxed on the deck with another beer, talking our 5 runs, the headwall decent thrill and the highpoints of another great ski season.

Karen on the deck
Karen on the deck, she rocked The Glacier and was just enjoying every second of the seasons end

Skiray Skiray
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Re: Killington Conditions

We sadly couldn't make the last day at Killington - though were pleasantly surprised to be featured again in The Mountain Times - Alicia called me the other day to tell me as I was heading to Kansas - very very cool..

Take noticed of a few elements in the narration and some visual cues...  

Shot over weeks - in fact a couple of seasons.

Ski you all next season  - - we are planning some off-season stories now.
The family that skis together, stays together.
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